Shringara, Saukhya, Svasthi

Shringara, is one of the nine ‘rasas’ or aesthetic flavours in classical Indian arts. Usually it is translated as erotic or romantic love, simple attraction or beauty. As, most traditional Indian arts revolved around the alliance between a man and a woman ‘Shringara’ was the primary emotion. cited wikipedia

Saukhya means Pleasure and Happiness

While Svasthi signifies Wellbeing, Auspicious and Healing

Unwittingly, these 3 words describe PARO’s – ‘The soul of Good Earth” spirit or essence. Such permeating concepts of self or well being in Indian Aesthetics and Philosophy are traditionally known to be celebrated in this Varsha Rtu or monsoon also known as ‘the season of fertility and joy’.

Paro TablewareKansa Tableware

Here, at The Chanakya an upmarket mall in New Delhi, I recently attended a workshop by Madhvi Menon titled ‘Women & Desire’. But, all along, Dr. Alka Pande’s (an Art Historian and author of books like ‘Shringara, the many faces of Indian Beauty’, ‘The New Age Kamasutra for Women’ etc.)  words kept echoing in my ears, “For the true ingestion of any aesthetic experience it is vital to be immersive…  where the pillars of an experiential space are soaked in ‘rasa’ for an artistic experience that abounds with ‘ananda’ or joyousness.” Its vestibule, at the entrance, acts as a buffer – a consecrated laissez faire of sorts, inviting you to pause and flow from chaos to calm. 

This one-off property consciously propagates slow living and cultural sustainability. Thoughtfully so, from Good Earth’s 2.0 it is paving the path for experiential luxury 3.0  with our Vedic roots, where nature offers healing for both the body and mind.

Paro Deep Sleep 2Bed and Bath

There is an underlying attempt to be green. ‘Conscious Consumption’ is initiated with frequenters who return their empty skin care or essential oil bottles. Infact, very little plastic is consumed in packaging itself. Printing too, on both the merchandise and its cover, has been minimised due to toxic inks.

Coming a full circle, the brand’s DNA is environmentally benign coz it is the need of the hour. For example, in its Deep Sleep section, Global Organic Textile Standard or GOTS  certified cotton is handspun and handmade for Bed and Bath. Enthusiasts of the green ideology, have yoga mats made of natural rubber sap extracted from bark of farmed trees with just a shallow incision ensuring its longevity. So that after living its life when you discard it, it will reintegrate back into mother earth within a short span.

In addition to all this mindful stuff is ‘Kansa’, or Bell Metal tableware made of alkalizing metals, as advised in Ayurveda.

Paro Botanica 3Botanica

In another segment – BOTANICA there is a ‘Bija’ range of carrier oils and ‘Ausadhi’ range of essential oils from various parts of the world. It is where, Colin Hall – certified from England in aromatherapy, practices. With his heart in the right place, the man can be spotted blending to soothe one’s nerves when someone is grieving, treating a young girl or boy’s acute acned face, hair fall or any other familiar predicament.

Also steeped in natural goodness is a small range of 6 step by step routine skincare which remains constant through the year, while the body care changes from season to season.

Paro Spa 1Spa

But for a gradual paradigm shift, I recommend you first take a sneak peek into PARO’s spa treatments, Botanica, Deep Sleep and Mangala. More often than not strolling in, you’ll enjoy their change of playlist every season. At the same time, follow their instagram handle to stay updated with forthcoming agnostic workshops, like I do.

Photos credit @parogoodearth

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