Contemporary mughal art from across the border

Pakistani artist, Syed Muhammad Khayyam Shah‘s miniature mughal paintings are different. We choose to speak to the 28 year old whose artworks are done with natural pigments. like his faded faces accentuating beautiful textiles of a bygone era.  

Rajas, Nawabs and Firangees

It is showing unseen historic archives of French mercenaries serving Indian rulers during the latter half of 18th and first five decades of the 19th century (1750-1850). The treasures are vignettes of Indian court life, representations of French travellers, and sacred texts in the form of rare manuscripts and paintings. Taken from theĀ  archives of…

Evoking nostalgia of the world slipping through our hands

While writing this piece the dreary sky outside my window spoke of our constant abuseĀ  of natural resources leading to global warming. This imminent green sunny deficiency has led me to appreciate young individuals like Jisha Unnikrishnan whose black and white, pen and ink artworks of nature evoke a sense of nostalgia; a world which…

Understanding life through art

Going by the “Hurun Indian Luxury Consumer Survey 2019” the high-net-worth Indian’s most preferred personal investments are real estate and stock market. I’m happily shocked that lower down the line ‘Art’ too has managed to hold its own under collectibles despite such uncertain times.