Understanding life through art

Going by the “Hurun Indian Luxury Consumer Survey 2019” the high-net-worth Indian’s most preferred personal investments are real estate and stock market. I’m happily shocked that lower down the line ‘Art’ too has managed to hold its own under collectibles despite such uncertain times.


Taking cue, two months ago I liked Ganesh Selvaraj – a contemporary Indian artist’s work at the capital’s best contemporary art week. One of his latest works, a 8ft.x6ft. was worth Rs. 12.5 lakhs. 

Born and brought up in Chennai, he did both Bachelors and Masters in Fine art from the capital of Tamil Nadu’s Government College of Arts and Craft. In 2000 he was felicitated the Asia Pacific International Art Award Seoul, South Korea. As his journey progressed in 2004 he received the prestigious Charles Wallace India Trust grant to study in United Kingdom from British Council India. And so he studied Print Making at Edinburgh Printmakers, Scotland. 2007 saw the zealous creative attend an art residency at Universität der Künste Berlin (Berlin University of the Arts), Germany. Then in 2011 this requited talent was conferred the Junior Research Fellowship from Art & Culture, India.

Among the many laurels (both mentioned or unmentioned) the 43 year old’s art has been doing the rounds in many national and international exhibition and fairs. Besides, his intensely reflective and sensitive artworks are highlighted by outstanding multimedia and skillful printmaking, painting and sculpture, as well.


Fascinated by the burgeoning South Asian Contemporary Art, I connected with him only to receive few to the point or possibly just reticent replies via email.

MD: Tell us a bit about your family.

GS: My father is a retired man, mother a home maker and wife a stylist, textile designer and artist too.

MD: Why did you choose paper art?

GS: I chose the material based on my ideas. Currently they are well suited for this medium, because of its flexibility and ease of handling.

MD: Which artists do you admire?

GS: Ramachandran, Kumaresan SelvarajYuvan Bothisathuvar, R.Bala, A.Balasubramaniam, Saravanan Parasuraman and Robert J Lang to name a few.

MD: What has been your greatest achievement till now? 

GS: Completion of every work each time has led me to a different dimension, which meant elevating my understanding of life.

MD: What do you hope to achieve?

GS: Understanding my existence, not only through art but through all possible ways.


Instagram: @selverajganesh

Email: ganesh.gstudio@gmail.com


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