Delving into design, art and fashion in/of the Indian subcontinent makes me crave the luxury 3.0 experience. For the essence of going back to ‘old school’ concepts helps to awaken my senses. As technology and speed lacks empathy in my world.

With a background of commercial art, copy editing, public relations and store manager at international luxury brands I am fortunate to ‘get up and smell the coffee’. Discovering niche brands or upcoming artists with a unique design vocabulary is what makes my world go round; like in a kaleidoscope creating new cultural elements. The idea behind writing this blog is to learn about as many crafts, arts and fashion influencing the Indian Subcontinent’s contemporary design; as it stands to unite us at heart.


Twitter: @anandipaliwal  

Instagram: @anandipaliwal 




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  1. Niti Modi says:


    If you are looking for beautiful and highly rich luxurious PERSONAL stationery,
    and if you have a penchant for something different for your WEDDING STATIONERY, you need to come to us!

    I believe there is a passion and a story behind every creation….and we are here to create those special and original designs for you!


    Niti Modi

  2. Aavriti Jain says:

    Must take a look at our store ‘Teatro Dhora’ when visiting jaipur next. Till then take a look at our leather and jewelry on our page http://www.facebook.com/dhoraindia

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