Picturesque India

Picturesque India: A Journey in Early Picture Postcards (1896-1947) Sangeeta and Ratnesh Mathur, Niyogi Books,  Rs. 1,430, ISBN 978-93-85285-91-2

Getting nostalgic over India’s everyday design

“In India, to understand objects in terms of design one has to re-imagine design itself. Design here is not entirely determined by the aesthetic appeal of the object, but by its significance in our everyday lives (often influenced by its users)” is an understanding of the author Jahnvi Lakhota Nandan of Pukka Indian-100 Objects that…

Handmade good design

Talking about the right people matters to me and I’m sure it does for AnanTaya too; a concept store which during the Jaipur Literature Festival wants to pollinate our minds with Handmade Good Design.


The universe is not made of atoms, its made of tiny stories. Primary school teachers Meghna Chawla and Roopali Paliwal seem to have realized this by touching as many children’s lives as possible with their newly established Booknook. It’s a nook where children imbibe a hobby of reading and looking beyond stories-a story behind a…