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Zuljanaha carries the burden of speed

Veer Munshi is a Kashmiri Hindu born in 1955, when India and Pakistan were in the process of demarcating their borders. Residing in Gurgaon, the artist works on socio-political themes by contemporizing traditional crafts by encouraging craftsmen in finding sustenance, through their long-established vocations. Inspired by his father who was an art teacher, Munshi majored in Fine Art from Maharaja Sayajiroa University of Baroda, deviating  from Bachelors of Arts in Economics & History, and his first love, law.

Veer Munshi (1)

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High on period textiles

For this Diwali, while scouting around I discovered this treasure trove. It had been weeks since Salim Wazir and I, connected over facebook. As a local of Bhuj, Gujarat, he is probably one of the best guides to tell you about the regional food, architecture, arts and crafts etc. since 20 years; and a keen photographer of the ‘Jewel of Western India’.

I’d also like to draw your attention to his family’s museum quality textiles which are sure to inject good design sense in any living space, this festive season.

20160329125942_img_0850_resizedBanjara Lambadi tribe textiles are A.A Wazir’s personal favorites which belong to Bellary, Karnataka.

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Shaping her thoughts with clay


Seeking to unravel the alternate firing techniques with ceramic artist Shweta Mansingka, on one of the hottest days of the year, was like experiencing its high temperatures from the word go. I happily drove to a farmhouse in the outskirts of New Delhi in my dinky. Stuck in an election rally, reached my destination two hours later. Yet pleased to have made it, easily sunk into my seat once she began narrating her story of how clay found her at the age of 18.

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An evolving collectible

Remember The Pea Family toys marching in a line on both sides of the ramp wearing Pero’s outfits, during her AW ’15 show?  Well, in all probability they will be same league as Blythe dolls, Luk Thep dolls, Madame Alexander dolls, Lee Middleton dolls, Robert Tonner dolls, Kitty Collier dolls, Betsy McCall dolls, and Mary Englebreit dolls….. to name a few collectible fashion dolls, internationally, in the near future.

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Handmade good design

Bee Kite at the LIt Fest

Talking about the right people matters to me and I’m sure it does for AnanTaya too; a concept store which during the Jaipur Literature Festival wants to pollinate our minds with Handmade Good Design.

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Anais Basu’s tia pakhi

In Bengali, a green parrot is called Tia Pakhi. Primarily brought up in France, Anais Basu’s french ascendants are from Mauritius. Influenced by her multi-cultural diversity she chose an exotic colourful name which increases the label’s enigma amongst the international buyers. Married to a Bengali and settled in Kolkata now, she uses Kantha to give a contemporary twist to her home accessories label.

Read on to know more about the designer who created this chic living.


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Art is the triumph over chaos

Holding true to its name at the Serendipity Festival, I met Dithi – a Bengali artist.

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These are limon not lemon chairs

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A baby is born

Little West Street products make perfect gifts during baby showers and kid’s birthdays; but I am single and voluntarily childless so I thought it best to speak with Samridhi, its creator.

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