Noida’s discerning Indian store

As a marketing consultant for upcoming brands I had approached Indian August initially to retail a brand. After visiting the store I decided to feature it, as it proudly spelt ‘Made in India’ in everything it displayed; creating a well required niche for itself in Delhi’s satellite town- Noida.

Designed by harpriya singh

With spring in the air I seem to be getting attracted to the season’s colours in various things around me. So during this year’s Windmill Design Festival my elder sister and I went crazy about the gift envelopes designed by Harpriya Singh, which had stylized rosettes and elephants. Since it matched our sensibilities I decided to spread the…

All things bright and beautiful this Diwali

All things wise and wonderful The lord god made them all The good lord surely seems to have given me a fresh pair of eyes so I’d like to share with you my Diwali shopping list if you are yet clueless about where to begin. 

The charakkam adornments

  One day as I happened to be exchanging notes with Aditi Prakash the designer and owner of Pure Ghee Designs (a niche brand which uses rich Indian textiles for handbags) mentioned her friend Rosalind Pereira, who had been quietly encouraging and engaging grass root level artisans (patuas-the jewellery stringers from U.P.) to revive their…

Paper thoughts

 Handmade cards are a gift in itself and the snail mail makes it an even more endearing option. Paper Thoughts handmade cards by Shivam Somani make me nostalgic about my boarding school days when I seriously tried to be different by using my craft skills at every occasion with cards and more. But he at the same age…