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I prefer small bags…..


In the coming month I am going to try and list niche coveted brands in other countries which many of us would be visiting during our summer holidays. They’d be ‘must-haves’ if you like to keep a low profile, yet be wearing the best. Don’t waste your time if you like bling or enjoy logomania. And who better to begin with than Her Royal Highness, The Duchess of Sussex, after BOF talked about her becoming unarguably the most powerful fashion influencer in the world, by default, after marrying Harry.

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You can’t buy love but can buy handmade






A nomadic lifestyle and simple living is aspirational for many, especially if it includes attributes such as openness, curiosity and meaningfulness…and the ‘Luxe’ quotient in it is the time well spent in discovering and exploring ideas.

Aditi Dhar, a Kashmiri, the designer of Vitasta (her middle name is also the Sanskrit word for river Jhelum, in Kashmir) is inspired by women who are freethinkers… with a strong sense of self, holding cosmopolitan views.

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Playing with neckpieces this summer

Just like clothing, even accessories should be worn according to the climate, as one’s clothes and their materials differ. And since solid metals can be very discomforting in summer, missy should opt for boho chic accessories to be ‘with-it’ this season on alternative fashion!

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My leather fetish

I discovered vidhiandarpan a creative duo at the Dastkaar mela this January, in Delhi. Their leather accessories had a rustic yet a finished appeal, that now occupies the space between the global luxury brands and the normal high-street ones.Personally, their products represent somebody who is aesthetically inclined but with a pragmatic bent. When I saw the bags and wallets I loved the neon piping or the minimalist design approach to our everyday bags. Feels like I hit a jackpot as it represented my style helping me project my personality better………no nonsense, traditional and design oriented.

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