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Living it up with food drinks n company


food table relisted

“It’s easy to impress me. I don’t need a fancy party to be happy. Just good friends, good food, and good laughs. I’m happy. I’m satisfied. I’m content.”– Maria Sharapova

This quote reminds me of my meeting with the Relisted motley of ‘millenials’ (the younger generation born between 1978-2000, who tend to be skeptical about promotional material  and are more likely to listen to their friends’ recommendations for products and services), last week.

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This year, Red Earth’s Saree festival seems to be making a lot of noise about the whole nine yards and its ‘avatars’. As I grow older the drape’s hypnotic spell has me happily dreaming of a whole new wardrobe filled with different styles of sarees for all occasions just like my mother’s; who lived in it 24×7 till sometime ago.

But for now the person I’m looking out for is  Himanshu – the saree man and the curator of this festival, who can easily put any woman to shame walking effortlessly in his second skin. Here, I’d like to share with you his passion in regards to a Saree festival from 2nd-4th May’15, at Alliance Francaise, New Delhi,  in its second year.

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Designed by harpriya singh

Design by Harpriya VC-02

With spring in the air I seem to be getting attracted to the season’s colours in various things around me. So during this year’s Windmill Design Festival my elder sister and I went crazy about the gift envelopes designed by Harpriya Singh, which had stylized rosettes and elephants. Since it matched our sensibilities I decided to spread the word about her work.

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A House from Kerala

House in Kerala Invite 1 small

Sudesh Unniraman has been a documentary filmmaker for 20 odd yrs now and has filmed some fascinating topics like Unusual Indian Businesses for BBC, The Luxury Trains of India for Discovery Channel and Sonepur ka Mela– the biggest animal fair in Asia. But I’d like to throw some light on his film A House from Kerala which is being screened today21st Aug’14, at IIC, Lodhi Estate, New Delhi- 6:30 p.m. for all design, culture and architecture buffs.

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Paper thoughts

 Handmade cards are a gift in itself and the snail mail makes it an even more endearing option.

Paper Thoughts handmade cards by Shivam Somani make me nostalgic about my boarding school days when I seriously tried to be different by using my craft skills at every occasion with cards and more. But he at the same age seems more farsighted and has mastered this art to earn his pocket money…..interesting!!! I guess we are moving with times. And so I highly recommend these exquisitely crafted artworks on paper, as an excellent personalised gift option.

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Gift or script

“Letters have to pass two tests before they can be classed as good: they must express the personality both of the writer and of the recipient .”-  E. M. Forster

The Secret Ink , seems to me a great option for personalized luxury stationery as it pushes the envelope even further for the traditional parchment lovers; giving in to the whims and fancies of the past for the sake of memories which should last atleast a lifetime. It’s the romance of delicate illustrations with colour trends from down the ages which interprets a seemingly novel idea of ‘first impression’ to be back in vogue, after the 20th century pragmatism killed it.

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Artisans of Fashion

My family have been textile traders since the past four generations – international textile agents. My great grandfather was one of the first people in Australia to import textiles from England in the 1800’s and this business was handed down to my grandfather and then my father. Both my parents worked in the business and travelled widely to many of the textile hubs of the world, India of course being one of them. Textiles seems to have become a part of my DNA.

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Holi Hai!!!


Recently at the Windmill Design festival I met a fascinating saree clad  individual, Himanshu Verma, the founder of Red Earth who is known to curate art since 2004 in all its manifestations- visual art, music, dance, theatre, film, design, and more by breaking down boundaries of folk, classical, modern, popular and others while uniquely celebrating the Indian culture.

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A Wedding lineup epitomizing luxury

This is your wedding.

Do what you love.

Invite the people you want.

Dance to the songs that bring you joy.

Eat the best food you’ll ever have.

Enjoy all moments.

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With each post I am trying to outdo myself so with the onset of wedding season I would like to present  Weddingline, India’s premier Wedding Consultancy service set up in 2009 by Chetan Vohra and Arpita Gandhi , two seasoned and well known professionals in the entertainment and events industry. It encompasses everything a wedding would require, functioning like a genie Your Wish is my Command

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One Week in Spiti: Trekking with Ecosphere

“It’s as if we just landed on Mars!” exclaimed my friend, while trekking through Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh. The landscape here is indeed stark, simple and overwhelmingly quiet. In the one week that we spent here, trekking from one village to another, we hardly came across a moving life-form outside the villages. The occasional rabbit, fox or blue sheep (deer) will sheepishly bounce across your path, hoping that you didn’t see it. The only abundant movement here is of rivers and butterflies.

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