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Death by shoes

For anyone with a shoe fetish Amorio should be your must-buy brand, in Jaipur. Do not miss it for anything in the world specially if you are looking to own a second skin!!

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Romancing the Kashmiri shawl


Preferring hot beverages like coffee, Hot Toddy and kehwa, curled up in bed throughout my new year break I was engrossed reading a coffee table book The Romance of the Cashmere Shawl by Monique Levi-Strauss lent by Shameem Abdulla (a dealer of beautiful and authentic shawls, upholstery, carpets, walnut wood furniture and papier-mâché from Kashmir in Delhi).

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Boro – now a piece of art

BORO garment 1

BORO garment 4a

Yesterday at the Nayaab exhibition, in pursuit of excellence in textile crafts of India, I met Neha Puri Dhir – a textile artist.

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Buttoned up sophistication

IMG_9611 (1)

IMG_9610 (1)



Kesya  is a word derived from kesariya by Divya Shekhawat and Shivangani Singh meaning Saffron is one of the costliest spices in the world, used for seasoning and colouring. But there is a deeper connotation to it which means your darling or the only person you care about the most in this world by calling him “saffron beloved” in Northwestern Indian villages of Punjab, Himachal, UP, Kashmir and Rajasthan; makes it all the more desirable.
So with marriages and more parties just around the corner, their simple yet elegant tuxedo/achkan buttons and cufflinks made of sterling silver – hand painted and enameled, fits my bill for an androgynous ensemble. And super excited me decided to share our tete-a-tete being a fan of vintage inspired dressing.

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Divinity in style

During the Jaipur trip I noticed my rebel fashionista friend Ritu, wear a Studio Kassa ring designed by Aarushi Patel – who by the way is a graphic designer by profession, based in the Pink City itself.

Under a label of structured leather bags with her partner, she few months ago, diversified into sculptural jewellery.

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Children’s couture label making a headway

I had come across this adorably chic clothing brand two to three months ago at an exhibition. And, as an adult if I love the idea of different fashions for different seasons, how can our little style queens be far behind!

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Brass shines as fair to the ignorant as gold to the goldsmiths

Many of us shy away from being called the drama queen. But what if one didn’t have to do anything, and would still get the right attention – nobody is complaining!!!

I chanced upon Malleka’s brass jewellery at a recent exhibition in Lutyens Delhi; which fit the bill perfectly for a demure turned bold. It is handcrafted in a small unit at Silver oaks farms, Chattarpur, Delhi. And the creative head Mallika Singh keeps a watchful eye staying close, in Mehrauli; where she shares an apartment with a Japanese comic artist – Shoho.

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Traditional weaves are the talk of the day

At the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, an exhibition of Indian history is being shown through its textiles – The Fabric of India. In India too, at the Amazon Fashion Week, being held in New Delhi, Sanjay Garg and Anavila (both featured by Marigold Diary) were chosen to open it as they are seen as influential designers who have doggedly steered the attention of Indian fashion industry towards handloom and traditional textiles, in recent times.

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A baby is born

Little West Street products make perfect gifts during baby showers and kid’s birthdays; but I am single and voluntarily childless so I thought it best to speak with Samridhi, its creator.

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