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Kabir inspires contemporary fashion




Contemporary apparel is known to be accessible in price and relevant to present day fashion. It is modern compared to the higher end luxury market and a tad younger, more often than not.

For a fashion student contemporary begins from the loom which makes a more powerful statement than the machine, when woven with hand. Designer Padmaja Krishnan like Kabir, equates it to meditation; which as per the weaver’s poetry is known to be an expression of an ingenious human mind. Being a slow fashion addict, her eponymous label too hopes to restore the magic in handloom, through ‘The Loom Mind’ collection, this year.

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Women thrive on novelty

Ryouko Haraguchi named her label Sind because her first store resembled a fluffy cotton ball, reminding her of the region- Sind, in Pakistan, known for its cotton. Methinks it could also be an influence of the ‘Sindworkis’ connection with Japan in the mid 20th century, when they had substantial control over the Japanese silk trade . 

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Bohemian Christmas

Tucked away in the bylane of Shahpur Jat, New Delhi, is a quaint store on the first floor, Olivia Dar. An eponymous contemporary bohemian luxury label was born in 2011. This labour of love originated from the lady’s travels and her desire to share the traditional artisanal crafts of India and Central Asia. Earlier one knew of her women’s accessories but today its her chic bomber jackets and upcycled gypsy vintage dresses which are creating ripples in the West.


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Chaap-a stamp or impression

Walking down the memory lane we remember fine art prints being a private art form designed for connoisseurs and collectors, internationally. They were published in limited editions and hidden away in portfolios. From mid 20th century one saw the development of prints with affordable processes such as linocut, when editioned lithographs were made available for public. With major breakthroughs in creative statements, print possibly for the first time, shared the same stage with sculpture and painting(cited from Printmaking in the 21st century).

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Whimsical accesories



One of my Christmas finds is this Contemporary Sculptural Jewelry for an understated sparkle at the beach parties this season.

Manifest Design established in the fall of 2013, is a dream project of siblings Manreet & Samraat Deol, who are committed to revitalizing the traditional metalsmithing traditions of India. Manreet, the Creative Director of Manifest Design thought of ‘Everyday Wearable Art’ which stems from her eccentric visual vocabulary that might be familiar but truly unexpected, like gnarled corals, sensuous vines, bold rock sculptures, urban art etc. For it a self confessed sculptor took advantage of a metal-smith to nail a layer of intrigue and warmth.

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My winter beauty basics

Ayurveda is the traditional Hindu system of medicine (incorporated in Atharva Veda, the last of the four Vedas), based on the idea of balance in bodily systems which use diet, herbal treatments, and yogic breathing to keep the body fit.

As each season kicks in I generally pay a visit to the dermatologist for appropriate skin care with a good dosage of allopathic medicines. But since last winter I haven’t done so, as I’ve fallen for Pahadi Local hook, line and sinker. Their wellness products are the best for a lazy bone like me, who now enjoys a simpler daily regime with fewer things on the bathroom shelf.


God, there sure is luxury in simplicity!

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Being glamorous is about strength and confidence. It’s black and white – dramatic. You have to be strong.Catherine Zeta-Jones

As I was viewing NOIR at the Alliance Francaise, New Delhi, the aforementioned quote resonated in my ears, through the evening. Chetnaa’s simple and uncluttered topography of the Delhi grid, was applauded by the audience for its pure aesthetic value. Her interest in spatial relation with lines was clearly visible in the layered paper artworks, agreeing with her sensibilities.

There was a section of small 3D pop-ups neatly disguised old Delhi maps photo printed on archival paper which were made unique with Kirigami and Origamisticking all along to the linear theme.

Also exhibited were her enchanting Jallis or Trellis. Two years ago, when she participated in Sushma K. Bahl‘s ‘Forms of Devotion’ art exhibition project for  Museum of Sacred Art in Belgium, she realized there was as a possibility of decoding the sacred element of any architectural style. That’s when her art, usually understood as abstract minimalism with a focus on the play of light and shadows was influenced by Islamic architecture. Infact, her versions of these latticed screens are a part of a travelling show commemorating the 60th birthday celebrations of the Thai princess, which is currently being shown in Spain.

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Out of the Shed

Painting London red was India in September with its pavilion at the 10th edition of The London Design Fair, this year. We were privileged to become the first guest country, invited. Equipped with the best of both worlds, the brewing interest in our new independent designers and studios, was sure to develop!

Through This is India, Shed also debuted for the first time on the global design scene. And so, I connected with Priyanka Shah – the young entrepreneur behind this research and design studio. Based out of Surat, Gujarat, it specializes in making custom furniture, home accessories, kitchenware and cultural objects.

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High on period textiles

For this Diwali, while scouting around I discovered this treasure trove. It had been weeks since Salim Wazir and I, connected over facebook. As a local of Bhuj, Gujarat, he is probably one of the best guides to tell you about the regional food, architecture, arts and crafts etc. since 20 years; and a keen photographer of the ‘Jewel of Western India’.

I’d also like to draw your attention to his family’s museum quality textiles which are sure to inject good design sense in any living space, this festive season.

20160329125942_img_0850_resizedBanjara Lambadi tribe textiles are A.A Wazir’s personal favorites which belong to Bellary, Karnataka.

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