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Noida’s discerning Indian store


As a marketing consultant for upcoming brands I had approached Indian August initially to retail a brand. After visiting the store I decided to feature it, as it proudly spelt ‘Made in India’ in everything it displayed; creating a well required niche for itself in Delhi’s satellite town- Noida.

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An indigo addiction

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Jonas G at Les Parisiennes

A Fashionable boudoir presents Jonas G. – men’s natty clothing line,

on Wednesday 29th May, 2013.



Jonas is French, born and brought up in the picturesque southern France region. At the age of 20, while still studying Textile and Surface Design at the reputed La Martinière-Diderot College in Lyon, he travelled to Delhi to learn first-hand about Indian embroidery techniques. During this time, he spent three months in a small workshop, sitting and working beside master craftsmen who were handcrafting extraordinary pieces of jewelled embroidery for luxury Indian fashion labels.

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I know a bank where on the Wild Thyme blows

Where Oxlips and Nodding Violet grows

Quite Over Canopied with Luscious Woodbine

With Sweet Musk Roses, and with Elegantine

There sleeps Titania, Sometime of the night

Lull’d in these flowers with Dances and Delight

Titania is a character in William Shakespeare‘s play A Midsummer Night’s Dream. In the play, she is the wife of Oberon and the queen of fairyland.

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