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Happy girls are the prettiest

I stumbled upon Ma Earth Botanicals a natural boutique beauty care product line on my visit to en Inde SPACE, 125.126 Meharchnd Market, New Delhi, because of my love to visit new stores and design spaces. With the change of weather and the pollution levels going up globally it’s seeming imperative for me (despite the regular beauty and exercise regime) to become more conscious about the centuries old remedies which had purity as the catchword in everything. Swarn Sukh and Geetanjali Sukh, a mother and daughter duo are its founders and also healers by profession. Geetanjali answered my queries regarding their journey into the Indian beauty industry labyrinth.

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Oilcraft Naturals

“A witty woman is a treasure; a witty beauty is a power” in the words of George Meredith, rings a bell for all beauty queens or celebrities who have made it imperative to look good and feel good at all times in this competitive world. The aging factor, skin type, lifestyle and of course the need to spend conservatively on pure contents, drew me towards Oilcraft Naturals which believes in blending ancient traditions of aromatherapy with a modern approach to well-being. Four years ago, Neena Dube Tiwari‘s glowing skin captivated me, as she is a walking advertisement for her skin products. I couldn’t help thinking how nearly every woman would give an arm and a leg for that perfect radiant skin.Genetic endowment coupled with lifestyle and food habits matter, however one should try not to forget that a beauty regimen suited for one’s age group can also do wonders to one’s skin.

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