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An oasis of creative luxuries


I was forwarded an invite of this store launch by a friend who actually wanted me to go for a promotional activity of another brand at this venue; since he knew of my never-ending quest for unique things and techniques which should be brought to light with much reverence I pushed myself to trek across town. Also my younger sister who shares my passion had recommended me to visit it much earlier when it was located some place else. Even though the ride into the village is something that one needs to get used to, but the Holi brunch at Serendipity calmed my nerves allowing me to soak in the different yet similar sensibilities with the displayed merchandise, on a sunday afternoon. 

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“Stories from Channapatna”

A Chettinad boy, Karthik Vaidyanathan is excitedly reviving their 200 year old toy-craft with VARNAM- a social enterprise that works with the Channapatna artisans to create lifestyle products, jewellry & toys.

This traditional craft was originally brought to India by Persian King Tipu Sultan in the 18th century. Varnam smartly imbibes the buzzwords of the 21st century- eco-friendly and sustainable, for it’s practical and aesthetically trendy products. Their lac-turnery uses natural resin secreted by a microscopic tiny insect, ‘laccifer lacca’ and moulded out of ‘wrightia tinctoria’ wood which is locally cultivated and known for its medicinal qualities. Being socially proactive they have employed the local women who are mainly self-taught despite being in the pre-dominantly male industry.

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Anavila Misra, a Post Graduate from NIFT, quenched her thirst for life by shifting from the corporate world to becoming a consultant for a Ministry Of Rural Development Project on Indian crafts and textiles. After successfully completing it she pursued her interest in Indian textiles independently; working with the regional weavers and artisans when Anavila– her true love, was born. This pure, sustainable and luxurious brand creates wallart, stoles and home decor on  exquisitely handcrafted textiles; latest passion being a linen saree.

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