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Love thy sari and its loom

I’ve always loved the rituals of a festival, could be of any religion. They are reasons for me to make merry more often than not. So when I chanced upon Jyoti Reddy’s contemporary yet traditional saris during the sari exhibition curated by the Crafts Council of India, a month and half ago, I mentally put together my lookbook for all seasons and reasons.

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Deluge of Indian colours, weaves and embroideries

I came across this most amazingly soft Jamdani weave(delicate design on the finest muslin) scarf at Lola’s World, a shop in New Delhi’s well known fashion and art district Hauz Khas Village approximately 2 yrs ago. And from there on my search for this exquisite label began, as its product line holds true to its name AISH ‘pleasurable, enjoyable or luxurious’.

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Saris of India: Tradition and Beyond

saree cover

In a tailored world, no one size fits all, unless of course we are talking about the Sari.

SARI– a simple garment, yet so versatile and often comes in interesting variations. With Indian women getting over-obsessed with their size, it’s the only garment (in a standard size), that fits women of all shapes, heights and weights. It is actually the ULTIMATE CHEAT CODE. This is exactly what The Sari School, a workshop taken by Rta Kapur Chishti, a sari expert, and her team of assistants teach- how to drape traditional weaves in a contemporary manner.

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