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Women thrive on novelty

Ryouko Haraguchi named her label Sind because her first store resembled a fluffy cotton ball, reminding her of the region- Sind, in Pakistan, known for its cotton. Methinks it could also be an influence of the ‘Sindworkis’ connection with Japan in the mid 20th century, when they had substantial control over the Japanese silk trade . 

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Boro – now a piece of art

BORO garment 1

BORO garment 4a

Yesterday at the Nayaab exhibition, in pursuit of excellence in textile crafts of India, I met Neha Puri Dhir – a textile artist.

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Loulou des Indes

Loulou des Indes logo

A Yoga addict’s sense of discipline and perfection spills over to other spheres of  her life- Daphne Ghesquiere decides to handcraft her kids’ clothes, while settled in India. Being French and after having done stints with luxury brands like Louis Vuitton and Hermes, her understanding of luxury runs deeper than the price; quality and design without the usual Christmas tree look is of  prime importance to her.

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