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Romanticising maximalism of Indian design

His mentor, Tony Duqutte was an American design legend who created elegant interiors, high jewelry, costumes and sets for Hollywood and Broadway productions, European royalty and the well-heeled. Following suit, Hutton Wilkinson – the grandson of the late Bolivian president Don José Luis Tejada-Sorzano unarguably stepped into the goliath’s shoes.

As a child with a quirky sense of humour his style heroes were Tony Duquette, Cecil Beaton, Oliver Messel, The Baron de Rede, Arturo Lopez Wilshaw, Emelio Terry and Carlos de Beistegui . In 1995, when Wilkinson and his compatriot, Tony Duqutte came up with their first jewelry line for Bergdorf Goodman, Vogue wrote – “After a maximum of minimalism, all of fashion is turning towards Tony Duquette for inspiration,” (cited in Vogue Arabia)


On reading several interviews given by Wilkinson the design enthusiast in me excitedly connected through email with the owner and creative director of Tony Duquette only to discover his “love for maximalism in Indian design”.

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Handmade good design

Bee Kite at the LIt Fest

Talking about the right people matters to me and I’m sure it does for AnanTaya too; a concept store which during the Jaipur Literature Festival wants to pollinate our minds with Handmade Good Design.

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Symetree in design

nawalgarh collection

One day while sauntering through one of the costliest high end streets of the world, enjoying the cosmopolitan crowd  amidst the affluent or bureaucratic part of Delhi which is speckled with colonial and Mughal architecture,  I came across an old moneyed Marwari group’s jewellery and vintage retail space. Symetree‘s flagship store location at Khan Market, compliments the brand’s proportional mix of luxury and creativity nostalgically for many connoisseurs.

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Marigold bespoke services


Marigold Diary celebrates life. It celebrates the uber cool, the new and exciting and the wild and wonderful. A melting pot of the creative expertise that has come from a strong background in commercial art, copy editing, public relations, working with luxury brands that enhance lifestyle choices; choices that are unearthed, culled out carefully from the burgeoning colour, glitter and glamour that is our world today.

Luxury and creativity, the two diktats that drive Marigold diary to mapping the lesser known India bring their expertise and exclusivity services to your doorstep with their Bespoke Services.

Bespoke services at Marigold Diary are tailor made to your specifications and address your needs, be it  a registry for a wedding, baby shower or milestone anniversaries/birthdaysPlease call +919873011304 or e-mail for a consultation. These services are available in New Delhi and its neighbouring satellite cities.

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