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High on period textiles

For this Diwali, while scouting around I discovered this treasure trove. It had been weeks since Salim Wazir and I, connected over facebook. As a local of Bhuj, Gujarat, he is probably one of the best guides to tell you about the regional food, architecture, arts and crafts etc. since 20 years; and a keen photographer of the ‘Jewel of Western India’.

I’d also like to draw your attention to his family’s museum quality textiles which are sure to inject good design sense in any living space, this festive season.

20160329125942_img_0850_resizedBanjara Lambadi tribe textiles are A.A Wazir’s personal favorites which belong to Bellary, Karnataka.

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As a blogger I always feel a social responsibility towards missions as similar to Chungi’s – a Gandhian vision of sustainable development for artisans… agreed to join a plethora of bloggers to happily spread the word.

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Kantha’s quilted ‘designs’

Una paloma blanca,

I’m just a bird in the sky,

Una paloma blanca,

Over the mountains I fly,

No one can take my freedom away…….

-by George Baker (Dutch musician)

It feels like yesterday, when I started jotting down my quirky, traditional and contemporary finds. First year was the most exciting as I visited many to write only about a few and yet had the fire in my belly to visit someone each day. Looking around for creativity in any form gave me a high, specially if it wasn’t written about earlier. From this year, I am taking on a loftier mission of mapping the Indian sub-continent with more oeuvre.

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Traditional contemporary garb for little Princesses


The inspiration comes from vintage clothing, lovely “mom” crafted frocks and the joy of dressing up, from Prachi Walia‘s childhood days when she never went without wearing a new dress to any party. Those dresses were nostalgically preserved and gifted to her when she got married, by her mother in a little trunk. So the idea behind this label is about revisiting her childhood and making it contemporary. The fabrics used come with memories of her mother wearing them as saris, depicting the beautiful heritage of rich Indian handloom. By adding imagination and finesse of modern tailoring, Litttle Prachee creates playfulness in design with candy colours, successfully catching the eye of little princesses from the age of 0-14 yr olds.

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ekà ‘made in india’ women’s wear label

“The only real elegance is in the mind; if you’ve got that, the rest really comes from it.”

— Diana Vreeland

ekà ( ek in sanskrit ) means one; collectively master craftsmen i.e. weavers, dyers, block makers, embroiders and textile printers help in creating a discerning woman’s clothing using traditional textile techniques. Like all hand crafted textiles the label’s fuss is about the finest counts of khadi, indigo dyes, unique block prints like ‘Saudagiri’ and ‘Agrakh’, layered handmade indigo dyed voiles with ‘kantha’, luxurious light weight cottons in random shapes, suited for a sombre and individualistic fashion statement. Woven linen, khadi or wool in colour monotones are given little detailing without taking away from the natural characteristics of these fabrics.

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