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Donning luxe for their wonderful stories

The scalding Indian summer sun surely gets my goat. So for me, right now its a race against the growing intensity of the sun’s rays; as I look out for conscientious labels like AMBA,  while playing safe with some classics.

So here I share a monologue by its creator Hema Shroff Patel .   

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Anavila Misra, a Post Graduate from NIFT, quenched her thirst for life by shifting from the corporate world to becoming a consultant for a Ministry Of Rural Development Project on Indian crafts and textiles. After successfully completing it she pursued her interest in Indian textiles independently; working with the regional weavers and artisans when Anavila– her true love, was born. This pure, sustainable and luxurious brand creates wallart, stoles and home decor on  exquisitely handcrafted textiles; latest passion being a linen saree.

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