“Simple done Perfect is never Simple”

Have you ever considered the benefits of linen fabric for your bed? A quick recap…..It’s breathable, moisture absorbent and has evaporating qualities which leaves it fresh and cool even after being slept on. As bacteria resistant it is ideal for people with skin diseases, and children. I particularly like the sound of a ‘light massaging…

Their mosaic projects

Truly happy to hear that today India stands united with our Kashmiri brothers and sisters. Thankfully craft never had any such boundaries to fight over. One such example being Mosaic – starting in Mesopotamia in the 3rd millennium BC. Pebble mosaics were made in Tiryns in Mycenean Greece while the ones with patterns and pictures became widespread during classical times in Ancient…

The radical experimenter

I had the opportunity to view Rooshad Shroff’s solo debut show – 15,556 Man Hours represented by Pundole Gallery earlier this year during the India Design Fair 2017 at Bikaner House, New Delhi. These were 26 pieces of furniture such as chairs, tables, benches, screens, daybed, and lighting in three distinct techniques – colour sanding, zardozi…

Edgy coquettish designs

  At a party someone very rightly said to me that one should either be a work of art or wear a work of art. Admiring Bhavin and Twinkle Gada’s fashion jewelry label BEGADA I couldn’t agree more. Sold on Cult Curators, these edgy coquettish designs caught my eye, as they spell drama successfully in bold and red letters.

Ahimsa leather handbags

Certified Ahimsa leather can be a debatable topic in India, since our religious sentiments do not allow slaughtering of animals. And serendipitously I drew a brand which is vocal about it – Grain with its collection of unisex functional handbags. So connected with Avinash Bhalerao, its Mumbai-based designer and illustrator, to whet my curiosity about his venture.


As a blogger I always feel a social responsibility towards missions as similar to Chungi’s – a Gandhian vision of sustainable development for artisans…..so agreed to join a plethora of bloggers to happily spread the word.