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Artist feels oppressed by the pin which keeps her safety intact

The Safety Pin_03 (1)

“We were sensitized in NID before going out to do projects with the craft clusters. As a student one had to stay in their environment to understand their rudimentary means. It was basically about learning their skillset while humbly playing the role of an intermediary, not god or master” quips the Hyderabad based artist – Shaila Nambiar. Having done Fine Arts from MSU Baroda in 1996, she later also got a degree in Textile Designing from NID, in 2003.

The Bobby Pin_02

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Nikheel Aphale’s calligraphic works




Having studied art I too had tried learning calligraphy at some point. It is letter art related to writing. Many contemporary artists have used it for graphic design and fine art to express themselves with letters which may or may not be legible. While Typography is the art of setting type; it is typically commercial and expected to be made in multiples.

Aware of Arabic, Chinese, Georgian, Indian, Islamic, Japanese, Korean, Mongolian, Persian, Tibetan and western calligraphy, Nikheel Aphale – a young Indian calligrapher chose the Devanagri script. (Last year I had seen his diaries in which he creatively scribbled on each page.)

So just before his next exhibition at Serendipity…Colour me Autumn I decided to meet him and know more about his creativity.

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Mastering local weaves and styles

For Chinar Farooqui – a textile and clothing designer working from her studio in Jaipur, Rajasthan – India, style is primarily a matter of instinct. Hearing that statement I quickly reflected on my wardrobe, and realized how comfortable I was getting in my skin, with time!

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‘Mohabbat’ with kashmir



Well! It surprised me to find Rahul Sharma’s Santoor (ancient string musical instrument native to Jammu and Kashmir, with origins in Persia) vadan more appealing than christmas carols while writing about Anjali Rana Design, this christmas. In hindsight, I noticed how she too had deliberately taken the best of both contemporary and traditional worlds to recreate the romance of Kashmir but on home linen and felt rugs. So while enjoying the winter sun during the Dastkar Kashmir Handicrafts Mela in New Delhi lately, I dug deeper into Anjali’s inner realms. 

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Amour-propre through personal style

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Your munchkin’s clothes

At first instance I couldn’t help but notice those quirky designs and unusual colours in Shweta Dhariwal’s children’s clothing and bed linen; which grow on you as a child’s artwork. Being a design student she spends a lot of time researching and educating, and has a bent towards traditional crafts and pattern making. Recently she took a class in Kutch with the rural craftspeople, learning their details to put tribal designs into perspective at Whitewater Designs – a studio that for textile home accessories and clothing for men, women and infants. I met her at an exhibition in New Delhi, where she was showcasing for the first time her kids’ collection. She shared with me few details about her work and life,till now.


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alex davis- installations n more

The Artist        :     Alex Davis

Address           :     Alex Davis Studio, Indi Store  

                              143 Shahpurjat,Opp.Khelgaon Village,

                               New Delhi 110049

                               Phone:      +91 11 26495473

 Tele fax:   +91 11 26495818



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Vibhor Sogani

Stay hungry, Stay foolish”, Steve Jobs’ famous quote seems to have become Vibhor Sogani’s lifeline; a Delhi-based Product designer from NID.  Thoroughly experimental and research oriented, Vibhor’s work at present, romanticizes local crafts in metal, stone and wood from Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Kashmir; epitomizing functionality with quality and urban aesthetics.

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