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Old becomes In, with jewellery


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Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction or fantasy wherein technology and aesthetics are inspired by 19th-century – industrial steam-powered machinery; as those were the romantic times when art and craft movement, discoveries and new technology, were all vying for attention at the same time, in Europe. And so in the mid-20th century, the Steampunk movement  began modding the two through a wide variety of artistic styles.

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Not just another crush

How uncanny for me to touch base with a designer who can’t look beyond lines and dots – an abstract summation of rain in its season!!

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Indigenously crafted clothing

A long yet conscious supply chain handcrafts its produts with care…….

Indigene a girl next door label is thriving on its simplicity in separates. It tacitly agrees with my summer essential requirements in khadi and linen; gives more room to experiment with accessories to easily live with a capsule wardrobe. So here I am sharing details of a design and clothing company that mediates between the artisans, craftsmen and conscientious buyers.

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‘Mohabbat’ with kashmir



Well! It surprised me to find Rahul Sharma’s Santoor (ancient string musical instrument native to Jammu and Kashmir, with origins in Persia) vadan more appealing than christmas carols while writing about Anjali Rana Design, this christmas. In hindsight, I noticed how she too had deliberately taken the best of both contemporary and traditional worlds to recreate the romance of Kashmir but on home linen and felt rugs. So while enjoying the winter sun during the Dastkar Kashmir Handicrafts Mela in New Delhi lately, I dug deeper into Anjali’s inner realms. 

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Creating individuality with men’s fashion

Description of a quintessential Suket Dhir’s client- ‘Cold shower…well groomed hair….clean and fun underwear and socks….fused collars and cuffs…..clean shoes….creased trousers or a clean pair of denims….sunglasses….good posture and a thought of a brand new day’ framed this feature.

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Bohemian-chic Jewellery inspired by Poetry


Jushmi Barooah, a young lass from Golaghat, Assam, loves to talk about her jewellery label Caitanya celebrating each day and it’s playfulness. The idea is make the simplest things look ‘Extraordinary’ , as people immersed in creativity always view everything subjectively. She studied fashion design at NIFT and further garnered more knowledge and individuality from The Chelsea College of Art and Design, London. Travelling, photography, Alice in Wonderland and spaces, poetry and thriving on creative minds are some of her hobbies which have translated into moods, themes and designs of her jewellery.

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MARIGOLD – RANG barse!!!

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He’s there in case I wandered off
He’s scared ’cause I warned
He’s scared in case I want it all
He’s scared ’cause I won

All in all the clock is slow
Six color pictures all in a row
Of a marigold

Song by Nirvana

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Title - Dhenu in Zig Zag Design B.g.  ,Dimension-18X18inch, Material- Mix Media On Canvas

The Mughal rulers of Malwa, Deccan and Hindu Rajas of Rajasthan revived the art of miniature paintings in the last decades of the 16th century. Rajput art schools began to develop their distinctive styles combining indigenous as well as foreign influences (Persian, Mughal, Chinese, European). Four principal schools have several artistic styles which are patronised by various princely states; e.g. Mewar school by Chavand, Nathdwara, Devgarh, Udaipur and Sawar styles of painting,Marwar school comprising of  Kishangarh, Bikaner, Jodhpur, Nagaur, Pali and Ghanerao styles, Hadoti school belonging to Kota, Bundi and Jhalawar styles and Dhundar school of Amber, Jaipur, Shekhawati and Uniara styles. Kangra and Kullu schools also typify Rajput art painting.

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