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Peter d’Ascoli


A New Yorker by birth, with strong Italian roots from his grandparents and a French wife, coupled with over two decades of Indian influence, sums up Peter d’Ascoli’s  diverse and cosmopolitan approach to design. According to him, it is important for one to know what they are good at, or, what one can do or can’t do? Thus he passionately concentrates on re-creating rich and diverse cultures and history of decorative arts in India, his home for the last seven years. This zealous delight is translated in his use of textiles which are his obsession.

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ANUSHA designs

The Barbie Doll creators Ruth and Elliot Handler were owners of a small toy company in Los Angeles. Ruth’s daughter Barbara used to try dressing her paper dolls with cutout clothing as they were the prominent girlie playthings in United States, in mid 20th century. This prompted them to buy a German Bild Lilli doll on their trip to Lucerne, Switzerland, which had a whole line of clothes and accessories and got it developed in Japan into a 11 ½” inches tall teenage doll, naming it after their daughter- Barbie, in February 1959. Clearly Barbie seems to have left an indelible mark on many young girls over the years, as Anusha and her friends proved, by dressing up and  putting together wardrobes for their dolls and acting like young adults.

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