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The sun is gone, but i have a light

DIY is an activity of decorating, building, and making fixtures and repairs at home by oneself rather than employing a professional. I would think this is an after effect of the recession and the slow movement, together gaining momentum and giving a real impetus to the Arts and Crafts movement, world over.

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A Victor Hugo quote “To love beauty is to see light” reminded me of Lightbox‘s viewpoint as  lighting consultants, for all spaces.

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Light is considered the fourth dimension of architecture. Lightbox focuses on providing lighting solutions with a new perspective while supporting architects and interior designers. These lighting consultants aesthetically study wall finishes, colours, flooring, furniture design, the function or utility of the space and the mood, before recommending a piece. They specialize in decorative, architectural and outdoor lighting catering to discerning global travelers who are pretty clued in with the latest design trends or have  become desirous of them,of late.

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