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Saving grace….a saree



I was visiting my favourite store Kashmir Loom in Nizammuddin East, New Delhi, when I came across Malvika Singh’s first collection of Maheshwari sarees in tussar and regular silk, cotton and tissue. Their checks and horizontal stripes with varied thickness and size looked resplendent when highlighted with silver, gold and copper judiciously on the body, border or patli pleat. The metallics seemed to have passionately held together the original Indian palette e.g. neem (bright green), baigani (purple), pyaazi (onion pink), aasmaani (sky blue), sindoori (vermilion red), haldi (yellow ochre), zafraani (bright orange-red), kantha, neel (indigo), chandani (milky white) and amavasya (black).

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Peter d’Ascoli


A New Yorker by birth, with strong Italian roots from his grandparents and a French wife, coupled with over two decades of Indian influence, sums up Peter d’Ascoli’s  diverse and cosmopolitan approach to design. According to him, it is important for one to know what they are good at, or, what one can do or can’t do? Thus he passionately concentrates on re-creating rich and diverse cultures and history of decorative arts in India, his home for the last seven years. This zealous delight is translated in his use of textiles which are his obsession.

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Anavila Misra, a Post Graduate from NIFT, quenched her thirst for life by shifting from the corporate world to becoming a consultant for a Ministry Of Rural Development Project on Indian crafts and textiles. After successfully completing it she pursued her interest in Indian textiles independently; working with the regional weavers and artisans when Anavila– her true love, was born. This pure, sustainable and luxurious brand creates wallart, stoles and home decor on  exquisitely handcrafted textiles; latest passion being a linen saree.

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