Crossing boundaries

Two days ago, I went for the ongoing Dastkar Mela-Crossing Boundaries, which is being held from 17th-28th Sept’15 at Andheria More, Mehrauli, New Delhi. Over there, were artisans showcasing their merchandise from neighboring countries like Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Ethopia, Vietnam and few Indian states – U.P., Rajasthan, Bihar, Karnataka, Gujarat and Manipur; though complacent with the knowledge of their craft.

Organic connect

Tarkashi Wall Art I hadn’t acted on Tanveen Ratti’s visiting card, lying with me since months. But a few days ago I connected with the sprightly lady, and instantly took up her offer to travel with her to the studio, situated 55 kms from Delhi. And the very next day, despite the scorching heat we happily took off for…